Anxiety can be overwhelming and so intense it can stop you from doing things you enjoy. The thoughts can be exhausting and relentless. Sometimes the fear and discomfort can be so bad you might not even want to leave the house, or you might have started to engage in behaviors you don’t understand like hoarding, rituals, or compulsions.

Problems in your sex life can cause you to feel inadequate or embarrassed. You can feel alone if you’ve started to question your gender or sexuality. This can particularly be true if you’ve been in a straight or “traditional” relationship for most of your life.

Counseling is about hope.  What do I hope for you?  I hope that you can live a life which is not free from worry or anxiety, but a life in which worry or anxiety doesn’t control you or stop you from doing the things you love.  I hope that you are able to live your life as your authentic self – whatever or whoever that is – and not have to hide because of fear or lack of support.  I hope that you don’t feel shame or embarrassment that you are attracted to the opposite sex, practice kinky sexual practices, swing with your partner, have an open relationship, love more than one person, or weren’t born into the right gender.  I hope that you can live the life you deserve.

Whether you clicked here by referral, curiosity, or web search, I am glad you found me. By doing so, you have taken one step towards living that full life.  Please take your time to look through all the site has to offer and when you are ready, call or email me so we can turn on your beacon of hope and work together to shine a light on the life you deserve.