I offer several options for treatment. Clients can choose between individual, couples, family, or group therapy sessions.  If you aren’t sure which service best meets your needs, we can figure it out together.

I am also available to run workshops or give talks on various topics ranging from anxiety management to mindfulness and much more.

Current fees are as follows:

50 minute Individual Therapy Session – $85

Please inquire for rates for couples and families.

Workshops and talks are custom per your needs and fees will vary accordingly.

Payment forms accepted are cash, check, and credit cards.  You may use your health spending credit card.  Payment is expected at time of service. 

I am also currently able to accept Excellus BCBS, Cigna, and Aetna insurances.  Other insurances may accept a “superbill” for reimbursement which I can provide upon request on a monthly basis.  Please check with your carrier for specific questions about reimbursement.

An important note about insurance: 

Before deciding to utilize your insurance, you should carefully consider the following information.  In order to reimburse or provide payment, insurance companies will at the minimum require a diagnosis and often times also require some sort of collaboration between myself and your primary care provider.  There are some potential issues with this – one being that a mental health diagnosis will always be a part of your medical record and once it is there, it can be used in the future when you apply for things such as life insurance, disability claims, etc.   In addition, many people come to therapy for help with self-improvement, common stressors, and/or relational issues.  These clients often do not meet criteria for medical necessity meaning insurance will not pay for their visits.

 Another consideration is that utilizing your insurance means that the insurance company, not you or I will be deciding your “necessity” for treatment and they may decline to pay at any time for various reasons or they may limit the number of visits you can use in a certain time frame.  This can make it difficult for clients to remain engaged in treatment for the length of time they and I feel is necessary to meet their goals.

Paying for therapy yourself rather than utilizing your insurance can also result in improved compliance, better outcomes, and a greater sense of empowerment.  Please consider the decision carefully and let me know if you have questions or concerns.  

Finally, insurance providers will not currently reimburse at all for most sexual health issues, couples, and family therapy – all of those services will have to paid for at my private pay rate noted above.